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2 min readJun 14, 2024

Launch School’s Latest Free Book: Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript!!!

Launch School is extremely pleased to announce the latest entry in our free Open Book Shelf: Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript!

The book provides a gentle introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript. In it, you’ll learn about:

- the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming in JavaScript, including objects, classes, types, the `this` keyword, state, and behavior.
- the bedrock foundations of OOP common to all OO languages, including encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance.
- the most common object construction techniques, such as object factories, classes, and constructors with prototypes.
- private fields and methods, getters and setters, and static fields and methods.

The book serves as both a standalone followup to our Introduction and Programming with JavaScript book and as a companion for our two Object-Oriented JavaScript courses, JS120 and JS225. In particular, the book provides a gentler introduction to the concepts discussed in much more depth in those courses. The book also provides over 20 additional exercises not available in the courses.

If you are not currently subscribed to Launch School, you can read this book anytime you want. However, we recommend reading our Introduction to Programming with Javascript book first.

If you are currently enrolled in the JS120 or JS225 course, you can find instructions on how to proceed in the following posts:

If you have not yet reached one of these courses, you should wait until you are told to read the book in one of these courses. If you have already completed the JS129 or JS229 assessments, you don’t have to read the book.

We hope you enjoy the new book!

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