Final Call: Don’t Miss Out on Our Last Git Workshop ⏰

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1 min readApr 13, 2023


If you haven’t yet explored our Git and Github workshops, you’ll want to join our last session of the season: “Branching & Staging for Beginners”. In it, students will enhance their Git proficiency by mastering crucial skills such as unstaging, amending commits, branching, and merging. Here’s what previous attendees had to say:

“Very well explained and a chance to code along at the same time. I learnt loads!”

“Everything was explained very clearly, and the quizzes helped me to remember each command.”

“Love the fun use case examples that scaffold the exercises, the presenter is also a great teacher!”

“All in all and excellent webinar. Cleared up a lot of questions I had”

“These workshops have really helped with the learning process — thank you so much for making these available”

Join Clare’s special 1.5hr Github workshop “The Art of Git: Branching & Staging for Beginners” next Thursday April 20th at 11am US Eastern


Whether you’ve attended our workshops before or it’s your first time, take this next opportunity to improve your learning and programming fundamentals. We hope to see you there.



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